Thursday 24 January 2019

Programme pour Amoureux dans le vieux Lyon

Walk for lovers in Lyon St jean

Who has never wanted to escape for a moment, an afternoon, an evening or a weekend? 

If you are one of them and we are all one of them, this article is for you. 

A round trip in the middle of the rebirth era would you like to do? No, smart guys, no need to go buy a Deloreane, nor to look for a flight ticket to Italy! 

Today, we are talking about Old Lyon. This beautifully preserved district is the largest renaissance district in the world just after the city of Venice. 

If we unfortunately have neither canals nor gondolas, at least, you won't have to pay €8.50 for your coke in the cafés on the square. 

So, it's a matter of debate, isn't it? 

The area, which is entirely pedestrianised, is closed to traffic. You can walk hand in hand with your lover in complete tranquility. 

Here, curiosity is the order of the day. It will be necessary to make sure to look up carefully because the most beautiful towers of the district, some of which are sublime vestiges of Tuscany inspiration, are a little hidden. 

Discover the St Jean district and Les Traboules

It will also be necessary not to hesitate to push all the doors. Indeed, St jean has the most beautiful Traboules in Lyon. You know, Traboules are these pedestrian crossings through the courtyards of buildings that allow you to go from one street to another. Thanks to its sumptuous era, it is here that you will find the most luxurious in all of Lyon. The Cybèle association even offers organised visits that are a little offbeat. You will find their article with all the addresses: here. 

After strolling through the streets of the city, you can walk up to the Basilica of Our Lady of Fourvière or take our funny funicular. From the top of the "hill that prays", the basilica dedicated to the Virgin Mary is classified as a historical monument. It is one of the Lyon sites listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  It is one of the city's highest points, its location offers a splendid panorama. 

You can then go down again by borrowing the rose garden. Called the Garden of the Rosary, it also offers magnificent views. 

The best restaurants in Lyon St Jean

If you want to test a real "Bouchon Lyonnais":

- Daniel and Denise: The best Lyonnais cork from St Jean Joseph Viola, the best worker in France and a member of the white Lyonnaise toques to give a second wind to the Lyonnais corks with these three addresses scattered throughout the city. Their website also offers grocery products in home delivery. Lunch, daily specials and menus from 33€. Located on Tramassac Street, just below the funicular. 

If you want to impress: 

- Les terrases de Lyon: Gastromic restaurant. With an extraordinary panoramic view, it is the perfect address to celebrate a great occasion. Chief David Delsart has prestigious references. He worked at the Meurice in Paris. Count minimum 49€ for lunch, dinner, menus from 76€.

To have a snack: 

- Cosy Corner: In a friendly atmosphere, a team of caring girls welcomes you in all simplicity. With a large terrace located right in front of the Town Hall, this is the place to go if you want a good burger! 

Or Sleeping in Lyon St jean
If our advice for walks in this sublime renaissance district has not been enough for you, we have what you need to get away from it all! 

We forget Italy, we go straight to Greece, all this, just by finding a new traboule. In the middle of the change of scenery, this romantic room will even have a large private jacuzzi. 

For pictures and more information, it's this way: Greece Spa Lyon


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