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Unusual hotel in Lyon: opt for a room with private spa

Ah, the city of lights, the gastronomy of the "bouchons", the sweetness of the walks along the banks of the Rhône, and the immeasurable charm of the traboules of Old Lyon! If you are planning a romantic getaway for the next Festival of Lights or if you simply want to take a relaxing break in the capital of the Gauls with your other half, we offer a wide choice of charming accommodation that will help make your stay an unforgettable experience. 

Our N°1 tip: opt for a room with a private spa in Lyon, and fully experience the unusual pleasure of going from the hustle and bustle of the street to that of your jacuzzi in just a few seconds, from the hustle and bustle (especially on a Festival of Lights weekend) to absolute serenity.

Room with spa in Lyon: a little geography

Whether you're a regular visitor to the capital of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region or you're about to take your first city-trip there, Lyon is full of nuggets to discover, from the classics that are at the top of every "top 10" list of things to do in Lyon, such as Fourvière, Vieux Lyon or the Musée des Confluences, to the more confidential gems that you stumble across by accident rather than by exhausting the tourist guides. Here is our guide to unusual hotels in Lyon, with private spa of course, judiciously placed to offer you a breathtaking panorama when you go from the bath to the hammam or the sauna.

Choosing an unusual hotel in Lyon: à la carte!

Lyon has a huge advantage, namely its geographical configuration, which is conducive to the development of districts with a wide variety of atmospheres, in which you can enjoy diving from one metro station to another. 

First of all, the two great rivers that cross it and join it, the Saône and the Rhône, offer their banks to weekend strollers and make them oscillate between a dockside atmosphere with the scent of the open sea, and the air of an eternal guinguette where all generations and all social classes mix: why not stop for a weekend on the quays of the Saône in Caluire-et-Cuire, and take advantage of an unobstructed view of the Île Barbe from the Chalet Spa? More than a room with private spa near Lyon, the Chalet Spa is a beautiful escape to the highest peaks of the Alps ski resorts, where it perfectly reproduces the cocooning atmosphere and the change of scenery... only a few metro stations away from La Pardieu!

Then, even if it means taking a bit of height, let's look at the Fourvière and Croix Rousse hills, from the top of which you can get splendid views of the city and the surrounding Monts du Lyonnais. We opt for a room with a spa in Lyon this time, with a view of the Fourvière Basilica and its sumptuous lighting at nightfall: the Boudoir Spa, located just a stone's throw from the Place des Terreaux, is a perfect love nest in every respect (so to speak), offering you a private spa and hammam as well as numerous high-quality facilities. 

If you're looking for an unusual hotel in Lyon, you might as well take into account the geography to add a beautiful setting to the experience!

Your room with spa in Lyon: pull out all the stops!

For a romantic evening with your other half in the City of Lights, why not fully embrace your desire to have fun and take things lightly? If you are in a playful mood, we can't advise you enough to look at the quays of Saône again, but in the 5th district this time, to discover the splendid Cabaret Spa, an old nightclub renovated in a perfectly accomplished cabaret style, which offers you a podium, a poll dance bar and a red velvet curtain, for an unforgettable evening punctuated with complicit games.

An overview of unusual hotels in Lyon, with a private spa as a bonus!

Cast off!

Feel like setting sail for a well-deserved romantic weekend? Already nostalgic for your last holiday by the sea, with the scent of sea spray as soon as you wake up? What if you offered yourself a little cruise without crossing the ramparts of Lyon? The Boat Spa is a unique room, which recreates a boat cabin atmosphere and offers services that the most majestic yachts would not deny: private Jacuzzi and sauna, flat screen TV and unlimited Deezer playlist, you won't regret having set sail from the slopes of Fourvière!

Mediterranean my love

Blue and white on all floors for the Greece Spa, a magnificent room with spa in Lyon, in the heart of the Renaissance district. In a decor superbly inspired by the soft Mediterranean atmosphere, shells, palm trees and lotus flowers plunge you into a bath of relaxation and change of scenery, while the sauna and the private jacuzzi offer you a well-deserved relaxation. If you want to pamper your other half, a massage table is at your disposal to allow you to exercise your talents, and the suspended bed welcomes you to offer you a night in the air like you have never experienced before.

Change of air... or of time!

What if the secret to changing air was to change time rather than place? What if, instead of taking the key to the fields, you took a trip down the corridors of time? This is the proposal made to you by the Perceval Spa, a room with a private spa in Lyon that is completely out of the ordinary and that plunges you into the time of courtly love and romantic quests: the Grail of escape is in Lyon, in the heart of the Croix Rousse district. In this splendidly decorated wooden alcove, you will discover the charm of a love nest sheltered from view, and will enjoy luxury services that the lords of the Middle Ages would no doubt have liked to have known: private spa and sauna, flat screen TV and quality linen, everything you need for an enchanted interlude out of time.

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Unusual hotel in Lyon: opt for a room with private spa
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