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How to have a good Valentine's Day in Lyon

Image How to have a good Valentine's Day in Lyon

Lyon and its traboules... Between historical heritage, gastronomy and culture, the capital of the Gauls concentrates more and more visitors over the years. Not content to gather millions of curious people, especially during the Festival of Lights, this city at the confluence of the Rhône and Saône rivers also attracts many lovers. Valentine's Day in Lyon has thus become a classic for all those who wish to spend a special moment with their beloved one.

Museums, traffic jams, monuments: Lyon and Valentine's Day have become two terms that are almost inseparable. But how did this merger take place? Focus on the qualities that make Lyon a tailor-made city for an exceptional Valentine's Day!

Why spend Valentine's Day in Lyon? 

As we have seen above, the city has a whole range of places that can meet everyone's expectations. Whether you are passionate about art and history, looking for culinary experiences or simply admiring the beauty of nature, spending Valentine's Day in Lyon will allow you to enjoy a wide range of activities.

A romantic atmosphere and the charm of a city on a human scale, full of confidential places, this is the promise that this millenary city holds. So why spend Valentine's Day in Lyon? What exactly is the situation? If you are interested in the destination, here is a list of themes not to be missed when you want to spend a romantic weekend in Lyon: 

- Food: the cultural heritage of the Capital des Gaules makes its gastronomy a true guarantee of French culinary traditions. In terms of gastronomy, Lyon is to food what Valentine's Day is to love. One statistic supports this observation: in France, it is one of the cities with the highest concentration of restaurants per capita. And here, there is something for everyone, couples can go from a gastronomic cuisine (Lyon is Paul Bocuse's city!) to a local cuisine, represented by the famous Lyonnais corks. Valentine's Day in Lyon will allow you to taste several Lyon specialities, typical of the region: rosette, sapper's apron, chicken Celestine, praline pie, quenelle, Saint-Marcellin etc. The list is long!

- Historical and cultural heritage: the municipality of Lyon has 241 protected monuments and 289 listed monuments, all of which include no less than a thousand objects listed in the general inventory of cultural heritage. In doing so, and with its 427 hectares of classified historic sites, Lyon has become a member of the World Heritage Cities Organization. The city also has more than 15 museums, museums that aim to capture the atmosphere and rich history of the city. Further down, we will return with precision to the symbolic places that make the Gauls Capital a perfect place to spend an exceptional Valentine's Day.

- Art: beyond gastronomy and history, art is one of the cornerstones of a city tailored to Valentine's Day. Lyon is thus the place where Guignol's cinema and theatre were born. The Lumière brothers and Laurent Mourguet's characters are an integral part of the city, as is music, with infrastructures of all kinds capable of offering shows of all kinds. 

Where to spend Valentine's Day in Lyon?

There are many ideas for activities for a Valentine's Day in Lyon. To help you choose the most memorable places, let's put into practice everything we've seen above. To do this, a small simulation of a traditional Lyon day: 

First, meet early in the morning at the top of the Colline de Fourvière in the city centre. Avoiding the afternoon rush, you can enjoy the historic Basilica of Our Lady, a monument of Neo-Byzantine architecture that overlooks the entire city and attracts no less than 2 million visitors each year. It is one of the symbols of Lyon, and offers a unique panorama of the entire city. 

After enjoying the view and centuries of history that surrounds the basilica, head for the surrounding bakeries. A Valentine's Day in Lyon could not do without a praline brioche to share with lovers.

Once the tasting is over, go to the quays of Saône, where you can quietly digest your breakfast by strolling along one of the two rivers of the city. The famous wall paintings that strewn along the edges will accompany you throughout this walk (special mention to the Mur des Lyonnais, the huge fresco).

Lunch time has already arrived, and it is impossible to spend a Valentine's Day in Lyon without eating in the mythical cork of the City, Daniel and Denise. After enjoying Lyon's cuisine, the afternoon will allow you to explore the city's many museums: Miniature and Cinema Museum, Fine Arts Museum, Printing Museum, etc. The list is long. 

But Valentine's Day is also about finding yourself in love in a cozy nest. A quiet place where you can rest after a day full of emotions. To do this, what could be better than a room with a spa and a private Jacuzzi? With two birds in one stone, the Nuit et Spa site offers you a whole host of rooms to suit your desires: the Greece spa room for a Mediterranean atmosphere, a more traditional atmosphere with the Cabaret spa etc.  All this close to the city centre.

Room, spa, jacuzzi: a tailor-made Valentine's Day in Lyon with Night and Spa 

Whether you are looking to relax in complete privacy in a spa with your soul mate or enjoy the bubbles of a jacuzzi at the right temperature, the Nuit et Spa rooms appear to be the perfect offer for a romantic Valentine's Day in Lyon. Also present in Vienna, the proposed packages tend to meet everyone's tastes:

- Greece spa room with a blue atmosphere in the heart of Old Lyon

- Romantic chalet style suite on the quays of Saône

- Luxury suite near the Place des Terreaux

- Love cabin with jacuzzi on the Croix-Rousse plateau

- And much more....

The choice is yours, and on that note, good Valentine's Day to all of you!

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