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The benefits of a spa in Vienna

Image The benefits of a spa in Vienna

The benefits of the spa are increasingly known, whether it is to relax muscle tension and thus fight pain, or conversely, to fight the stress of daily life, with its frenetic pace. However, not everyone can afford a spa treatment. This is one of the reasons why the benefits of bubbling water, Jacuzzi and spas are increasingly appreciated. Here are the main benefits of the spa. You will enjoy it in Rhône Alpes by opting for a stay in a spa hotel in Vienna (38).

Discover all the benefits of a spa in Vienne in Rhône Alpes

Barely 30 minutes drive and you forget the hectic pace of Lyon. Vienna will seduce you with its provincial charm, tranquility and preserved setting. Are you looking for relaxation? Would you like to recharge your batteries? The hotels with spa in Vienna offered by Nuit et Spa will allow you to spend an unforgettable night or weekend. Enough to be in great shape the next day, after enjoying all the benefits of a private spa.

If more and more of us are opting for whirlpools, hammams and saunas, it is because spa areas contribute to health and relaxation. Water jets stimulate blood circulation and restore more energy. They also allow you to release your muscular tensions, often due to stress or repetitive positions, not adapted to our morphology. Do you spend a lot of time sitting in front of a computer? Work meetings stress you out and your tensions manifest themselves in painful muscle tension? A private spa could help you regain your shape and serenity in a matter of hours.

Jacuzzi hot tubs and whirlpool showers have the power to relieve tensions, whether physical or psychological and emotional. A real happiness, which you would be wrong to deprive yourself of! Balneotherapy, including that which can be enjoyed in a spa area, will allow you to relieve your joints, soothe your pain, eliminate accumulated toxins. This will allow you to better oxygenate your cells and make you feel rejuvenated, especially since the spa also helps to tone the skin. Nuit et Spa invites you to discover its offer of rooms and apartments with private Jacuzzi, in its spas in Vienna (38).

Dream nights with spa hotels in Vienna: Oriental Spa

Nothing beats a spa and whirlpool massage to spend the best of nights. We know how much restorative sleep contributes not only to the regeneration of our body, but also to our overall well-being, especially emotional well-being. Nuit et Spa offers you, in its hotels with private Jacuzzi in Vienna, to enjoy the benefits of balneotherapy for a night, a weekend, or even a few hours, since the rooms and apartments can also be rented by dayuse. An urgent need to relax? You are only a few clicks away from booking a room in a spa hotel in Vienna. You choose the atmosphere you want online, check availability and book. It's that simple!

For a complete relaxation, to be shared in complete privacy, Nuit et Spa has developed the concept of a hotel with a private spa. You no longer need to cross the corridors or the lobby of a hotel to get to the collective wellness area, you have a Jacuzzi, sauna or hammam directly in your apartment. Different atmospheres are available in Vienna's spa hotels (38), for an experience that is definitely different from what you can find in a classic hotel. In Vienna, for example, you can choose to stay in the romantic rooms of the Oriental Spa. Designed as a palace worthy of 1001 nights, this luxurious accommodation offers you a unique welcome.

The Oriental spa welcomes you to a 50m² suite, with high comfort facilities including a king size bed, television, VOD, wifi, a fully equipped kitchen, a tea and coffee machine, a giant sofa, and of course, your spa area, with shower, Jacuzzi, hammam. An experience for two to enjoy in your spa hotel in Vienna. You decide on your evening, whether you want to dine out at the restaurant or rather enjoy your private facilities and the privacy of your room with Jacuzzi. Relaxation, romantic encounter, reunion: whatever the occasion of your stay in Rhône Alpes, you will be fully satisfied by the offer of the Oriental Spa.

Exotic dream in Bali spa

Is the Oriental Spa already full? Or would you like to change the atmosphere? Choose Bali Spa. Inspired by the smallest of the Indonesian archipelago's islands, Bali Spa opens the doors to a romantic evening, where well-being will take centre stage. Here again, you will find all the contemporary comfort and a particularly neat decoration: teak furniture, driftwood, coral beads, Indonesian craftsmanship reigns supreme here. Bali Spa has a double Jacuzzi, for a pleasure to share in complete privacy. An exclusive Night and Spa, whose comfort and seduction you will appreciate.

You will obviously have trouble getting away from this cozy cocoon, leaving the exotic and charming atmosphere of Bali Spa for reality. This is why this exceptional apartment offers you a fully equipped kitchen where you can dine alone. And after your balneotherapy? You will only want one thing: to slip into the comfort of your king size bed. Would you like to watch a movie? No need to go out in the city! Your private spa hotel in Vienna offers you a giant screen TV and VOD.

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