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Spend an unusual night in Rhône Alpes

Image Spend an unusual night in Rhône Alpes

Whether you are planning a romantic evening, a date or simply a night to recharge your batteries in a relaxing setting, you will appreciate the Nuit et Spa holiday proposals. At the opposite end of the scale from classic hotels, the luxurious rooms and apartments in Lyon and Vienne have everything to please. Get ready to spend an unusual night in Rhône Alpes, in a dream setting. At Nuit et Spa, everything is designed for pleasure and relaxation, down to the smallest details. All you have to do is choose, your hosts take care of everything. In rooms with all the comforts of home, with private Jacuzzi, you will find pure moments of happiness waiting for you!

Top-of-the-range services

By choosing one of the private spa accommodations in Rhône Alpes offered on the Nuit et Spa site, you will be assured of benefiting from resolutely top-of-the-range services. King size beds for an ideal bed, television, VOD, WIFI, parking for your vehicle, all essential criteria for your choice! But you will also enjoy a fully equipped kitchen in these apartments: nothing prevents you from going to dinner for two in one of the restaurants in Old Lyon, but nothing obliges you either, and the desire could well take you to spend the evening tasting some local specialities in your cosy little nest. Enjoy a tea and coffee machine, Nespresso equipment, and impeccable service. But above all, don't miss the delights of your private Jacuzzi. No need to cross the hotel to get to the spa: you can enjoy these well-deserved moments in complete privacy.

Exceptional places
For an unusual stay, Nuit et Spa has chosen exceptional places, in ever-changing atmospheres. It's up to you to vary the pleasures by coming back to see us, in one of our Nuit et Spa accommodations in the Lyon region. We already knew the Boutique hotels. Do you appreciate their resolutely different decoration, their original concepts? You will not be disappointed by choosing a night at Nuit et Spa. However, our rooms and apartments are not like a hotel shop! Your hosts have bet on the unusual, for your greatest pleasure, and according to our customers, their bet is quite successful! Nuit et Spa en Rhône Alpes invites you to a real change of scenery. Do you miss the sun and holidays? Why not immerse yourself in the mythical atmosphere of the Cyclades, in one of our apartments inspired by the Greek islands and the blue of the Aegean Sea! Greece in the middle of Lyon? What could be better for an unusual night, to share together!

Rooms where you can escape for a night

The rooms with private jacuzzi of Nuit et Spa invite you to escape from everyday life for a night, a few hours or a weekend. For example, you can board a completely renovated old barge. A guaranteed cabin atmosphere, but you will have more space than in a cruise, and your private spa awaits you for a moment of pure relaxation. Is your barge moored on the banks of the Saône? You will soon know nothing more, once you have slipped between the sheets of your king size bed to deliver yourself to the arms of Morpheus. Do you dream of a trendier night, in a bar or cabaret, but in complete privacy, without the crowd? This is possible with the unusual accommodation of Nuit et Spa! Of course, our old cabaret has been completely redesigned and renovated to offer you a unique experience. But the atmosphere has been preserved and it will delight your nights.

With Night and Spa, immerse yourself in exoticism

The 1001 nights in Rhône Alpes? We don't expect it, but it's possible, with our room inspired by the dreams of the Orient in Vienna. Who's waiting for you behind the apartment door? Maybe Princess Sherazade? Your private Jacuzzi is included in the room rental, as are the pleasures of the hammam. Enough to enjoy the best of the Orient for a night or a few hours of guaranteed happiness. Unusual, of course, but why deprive yourself of it? You are only a few clicks away from this exotic dive, for a comfortable apartment to book at Nuit et Spa. Do your dreams take you a little further? Choose Indonesia and the charms of Bali. A change of scenery is guaranteed. Would you like to take advantage of this during a stopover in the region? Remember to book well in advance, our rooms are well known. 

A night in the mountains?

Do you have a sudden desire to breathe the air of the peaks, or rather to enjoy a cosy and cosy alpine interior? The city weighs you down and you would like to recharge your batteries in a private spa? Combining the two pleasures seems impossible to you? Well, not at all, thanks to Nuit et Spa and its unusual accommodation in Rhône Alpes! Among the selection of comfortable rooms and apartments in and around Lyon, you can book the Chalet Spa for the night: a real cosy love nest, which will remind you of your exploits in the snow. Courchevel, Megève, or even the Swiss Alps or Austria: that's all you'll find at Chalet Spa. Wood for a warm decoration, luxury, refinement, just what it takes to create a dream. With jacuzzi and private sauna, everything is gathered for your pleasure and relaxation in the heart of the Capital of the Gauls. 

Have you thought about a day trip?

You only have a few hours? This is no reason to deprive yourself of everything that the Night and Spa rooms have to offer! Book an unusual stay in dayuse formula, you will enjoy the same comfort and attentive services as you would have enjoyed for a night or a weekend. Oriental charms, escape on a barge, chalet in the mountains: all this awaits you in Rhône Alpes and much more.

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