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A rental for 2 with private jacuzzi

Image A rental for 2 with private jacuzzi

Do you enjoy whirlpool and spa? That's not surprising. The benefits of water are increasingly recognized. Of course, it is not always possible to go to a spa town to enjoy the facilities of a balneotherapy centre. Moreover, when you want to spend a romantic night or a weekend together while enjoying the well-being of a spa or sauna, you don't necessarily want to share the treatment area with a host of other people, do you? That is why Nuit et Spa has launched the concept of renting rooms and apartments with private Jacuzzi and spa. You will be able to enjoy the benefits of water and the delights of whirlpool in complete privacy.

Where can you find a private spa for two in the Lyon region?

The rooms or apartments with private spa offered by Nuit et Spa are located either in Lyon itself or in the region. You will find several offers in the city of Vienna, where an apartment with an oriental spa or a room that takes you into the delightful atmosphere of Bali's pleasures awaits you. Exoticism guaranteed, for a total well-being. This makes this moment an exceptional break, far from the worries of everyday life.

Also enjoy a private spa for 2 in rental in Caluire et Cuire. Most of the rentals for two with private jacuzzi are located in Lyon itself. Enjoy a complete change of scenery in the Croix Rousse district or immerse yourself in the eclectic atmosphere of Old Lyon. Would you like to enjoy a moment of relaxation, to be shared as a couple, whether for an afternoon, a night or a weekend? Rentals for 2 with private jacuzzi are exactly what you need. To try without delay if you do not know yet, you will simply be conquered.

The benefits of a private Jacuzzi

Today, it is recognized that the spa contributes to the well-being and awakening of the senses. Why? Why? Because it helps to stimulate blood circulation, relaxes muscle and joint tension, massages the skin in a gentle and tonic way, eliminating toxins. The relaxation experienced is physical, emotional and mental. A private spa for 2 in Lyon, Vienna or the surrounding area is the ideal place to relax and get back in shape. A few hours are enough to make you forget the stress of everyday life, professional pressures and the agitation of the outside world.

The rentals for two with private jacuzzi of Nuit et Spa are designed to offer you a cosy nest, with a unique atmosphere, a world apart. The concept of Night and Spa is to offer you a moment of total relaxation, where you don't have to worry about anything. The rentals are fully equipped, have the necessary linen, television, video on demand, wifi, but also a fully equipped kitchenette and a coffee machine.

In private spas for 2, you simply take care of nothing, except to enjoy unforgettable hours, the process of which you invent as you wish. Lovers' meeting, romantic moments, naughty moments, reunions, so many opportunities to opt for a rental for 2 with a private Jacuzzi. The benefits of your spa will help you regain a restful sleep. Some private spas offer the opportunity for two of you to enjoy a sauna in complete privacy. We know the undeniable health, fitness and good humour benefits of the Swedish steam bath. Would you prefer a hammam? Consult the descriptions of the rentals for two with private spa: you will easily find the apartment that meets your expectations.

Escape and well-being in private spas for 2

Enjoy a private whirlpool bath, hammam or sauna, it is the ideal place to relax and feel good. You will choose its quiet location for a quiet stay, in complete privacy, or you will opt for a rental in the centre of Lyon. From there, you will only have to take a few steps if you want to go out to dinner, visit the bars, or simply stroll through the picturesque traboules or the streets of Old Lyon. The rental for two with private spa offers you complete freedom to organize your stay.

Would you prefer to stay in your room with a private Jacuzzi? Nothing could be more understandable. We quickly fall under the spell of the different atmospheres that are offered to you. Each one is unique and allows you to build this exceptional moment as you wish. Opt for the mysteries of the East, for example, with the oriental spa in Vienna, or for an escapade in Asia with the spa rental inspired by the delights of Bali. Do you dream of a weekend in the mountains, but you don't have time to go there? Choose a room with a private spa in the alpine chalet atmosphere and dive into a warm cocoon inspired by the hospitality of the mountains.

Perhaps you like really unusual places. Rentals for 2 with private spa in Lyon have enough to satisfy all your desires. For example, you will find an old bar cabaret transformed into a charming and luxurious apartment. Or the Boat, which welcomes you for a virtual cruise. The cabin atmosphere has been perfectly preserved, while offering you the space and comfort necessary for a fully successful stay. Do you miss summer? Why not choose a rental for two with a private spa in the colours of Greece and its islands? After a whirlpool bath, you can easily imagine yourself facing the volcano of Santorini or on the island of Mykonos.

Any last-minute cravings? A romantic evening planned well in advance? Whatever your situation, you can book your private spa for 2 in a few clicks on the Nuit et Spa website.

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