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Where to spend a romantic weekend in Lyon

Image Where going for a romantic weekend in Lyon

Perhaps you are planning to escape for a moment with your partner? restaurant, exploration, discovery, night between lovers... A weekend in Lyon as a lover can be the right solution!                  

A city full of history and boosted by ever more ambitious projects, Lyon is increasingly becoming the ideal place to spend time with the one you love.  Accessible by its price and attractive by its environment, the Capital des Gaules, which some inhabitants of the capital like to call "le petit Paris", combines a large number of advantages.

But then, what can you do in Lyon as a couple? Follow the guide!

Why spend the weekend in love in Lyon?

What do you like to do when you are in a relationship? While the answer may vary according to taste, the themes remain essentially the same: having a good time, discovering things for the first time together, sharing a meal around a bottle, pampering yourself all night long while talking about the film you just watched, etc. All these things, that's what awaits you in Lyon. 

Admitted by most of the people who visited the city, Lyon and weekend in love rhyme first with culinary pleasure. With Paul Bocuse as its flag bearer, the old Lugdunum offers a varied choice of delicious dishes. Known mainly for its traditional cuisine, Lyon also offers a wide range of modern establishments offering a diverse and varied cuisine. Whatever your tastes, a weekend in Lyon as a lover is guaranteed to ensure a delicious and gourmet stay.

The size of the city is also important. A weekend is short. Running around without time to enjoy the urban architecture and beauty of a city is the mistake most couples make. Once again, the Lyon commune appears to be a common-sense solution. A city on a human scale, couples who have chosen Lyon for a romantic weekend often refer to this characteristic. Whether you are fond of walking, cycling or boating, there are many solutions: Vélo'V to explore the city on two wheels, river shuttle to go from the centre to the Confluence district, the capital of Les Gaules can be totally covered in just a few hours, allowing you to give time to time throughout your stay. 

Lyon is also a thousand-year-old city. History, culture, art... Throughout the centuries, it has been crossed by important events and people, periods that still resonate within the municipality. This testimony of past centuries is palpable in all corners of the city, through museums, monuments, but also through the city itself, with its famous traboules, the Old Lyon at the bottom of the slopes of the Croix Rousse.

But then, what can you do as a lover in Lyon?

Let's start at the beginning. Before looking for the most fabulous places, you should find a place to sleep. As a large French city, Lyon obviously offers a range of solutions: hotels, Airbnb, bed and breakfast, etc. 

However, one offer attracts the attention of visitors in particular. A reference in terms of a romantic weekend in Lyon, the rooms at the Nuit et Spa site offer everything a couple looking for peace and well-being can expect. At Nuit et Spa, you can enjoy luxurious rooms with spa and private Jacuzzi, all in the heart of Lyon. Romantic chalet style suite, boat spa apartment with private sauna, etc. It's all there!

Once installed, it's time for a visit. First, and following the order of the previous section, let's look at Lyon's gastronomy. Spending a romantic weekend in Lyon is above all about filling up with strength with delicious dishes, each one more delicious than the next:

- Lyon's corks: Cousins far from Parisian bistros, Lyon's corks are the hallmark of the town's cuisine. Here, you will taste the local specialities. Pike quenelle, andouillette, pâté en croûte, Lyon salad and more, you have the choice. In terms of reference traffic jams, Le Garet and Daniel and Denise are the two essential ones.

- Les halles Paul Bocuse: A giant market with high quality products, do you want to do it? If your romantic weekend in Lyon is about culinary discovery, the Bocuse market is for you. Fish, delicatessen, cheese, you will find something to eat for the whole day! 

Of course, Lyon is also full of activities of all kinds, whether in art, history or culture in general:

- Cinema: A city that saw the birth of the seventh art through the Lumière brothers, the institute of the same name offers screenings of films of all kinds, retrospectives and many other events.

- Museums: According to your sensibilities and your heart


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