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Our rooms with Sauna around Lyon
Luxury Suites with private saunas in Lyon and Vienne

Whether you prefer dry heat or wet heat, our private spa suites are incredibly well-equipped and will allow you to enjoy many luxury services such as a private sauna, throughout your romantic stay.

Are you looking for the luxury of a hotel spa with a sauna, but you want to enjoy these services only with your partner? You have come to the right place. Nuit et Spa offers you to book atypical and romantic rooms for a relaxing weekend for couples with services worthy of the greatest luxury hotels. Private Jacuzzi in the room and sauna at your disposal, discover our selection of suites with spa and sauna in the room.

Why choosing a spa room with a private sauna?

Saunas are sometimes mistakenly associated with very high temperatures that some people think they can't handle. However, just like our jacuzzi suites with their different worlds, there is always a sauna for you. First of all, we must differentiate between dry and wet saunas. At Nuit et Spa, we have rooms with private saunas. Some saunas will be electric sauna cabins like in our Perceval sauna room where the temperature will be lower than in a traditional Finnish sauna but perfectly homogeneous. We also have more up-market saunas, made to measure with a motor which will allow you to pour a ladle of water on the stones heated by the latter in order to let yourself be fully invaded by the incredible sensation of heat produced by the steam generated. To test and discover in our suite with spa and sauna the Bali.

Is booking a room with a private sauna good for strengthening the body?

In our spa rooms with sauna, only you can use the equipment. So, if you are not a sauna user, let us explain to you how it works and the benefits of a good relaxation session. How to use the cabin of your room with private sauna? First of all, you should enter the sauna with a warm and dry body. In principle, a 10-15 minute session is enough to invigorate and to start feeling the benefits. Ideal for respiratory problems, the sauna frees the lungs and eliminates toxins. In addition, everyone can find the cabin in which he or she feels comfortable, as the dry heat is less oppressive than in a hammam. If you also like the enveloping sensation of humid heat, don't hesitate to visit our suites with hammam in the room.