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You have chosen to spend a few days in Vienna, for a romantic weekend in one of our rooms with private Jacuzzi in Rhône Alpes? At Nuit et Spa, you will find a selection of rooms and suites with private jacuzzi in the charming city of Vienne: the ideal choice for those who want to enjoy the intimacy of a spa and or a private jacuzzi, and not share their wellness area with other residents in a hotel. The concept of Nuit et Spa is completely different: in our suites with private Jacuzzi in the Rhône-Alpes region, we offer you a unique experience in rooms that simply have nothing in common with those offered in classic hotels.

What awaits you in your room with private spa in Rhône Alpes

You don't want to spend the night at the center of Lyon's entertainment scene? Vienne offers you its tranquility and peaceful charm. Choose an original solution for an unforgettable night: one of our rooms with private Jacuzzi in Rhône Alpes! The Bali Spa invites its guests to savour the exoticism of the Indonesian islands, all without having to leave France. Immerse yourself in an exotic atmosphere inspired by the "island of the gods": the rooms with private Jacuzzi at Bali Spa in Vienna, in the Rhône Alpes region, are distinguished by the refinement of their decoration, the warm color of their teak furniture, and a space for relaxation and well-being. Your suite with private jacuzzi in Rhône Alpes has all the necessary comfort for a successful weekend: wifi, flat screen TV, a fully equipped kitchenette, a sauna, a king size bed.

Unless, for your romantic getaway, you'd prefer the Oriental Spa, to discover in the selection of Nuit et Spa in Vienne, in Rhône Alpes? Do you dream of exploring the magical atmosphere of 1001 nights? Dive into the delights of the Orient. Your room with private spa in Rhône Alpes will take you in the footsteps of Princess Shéhérazade, for a unique experience that will leave you speechless. Choose the Oriental Spa and share a night of love in an exceptional setting that you will never forget. In fact, you'll want to rebook your room with a private spa in the Rhône-Alpes region.

The benefits of a night in room with private spa in Rhône Alpes

Spending a few hours, a night or a weekend in a room with a private spa in Vienna is an experience you won't soon forget. The accommodation offered by Nuit et Spa will charm you with its intimate and romantic atmosphere. It will only take you a few hours to forget your everyday worries and to recharge your batteries in the whirlpool baths. The effects of a spa are perfect for relieving tension and regaining serenity and relaxation: an exquisite pleasure to be shared by two. No one to disturb your intimacy, as your room has all the comforts and allows you to stay in total autonomy. Forget the rest of the world, its greyness and worries and plunge into the delights of the spa, in your room with jacuzzi in Rhône Alpes!

You'll experience the benefits of a peaceful, restful sleep. Enough to wake you up feeling great. But bubble baths can whet your appetite! Your private spa suite in the Rhône Alpes region of Vienne offers you the opportunity to enjoy a delicious breakfast. Do you want to enjoy the benefits of your jacuzzi as soon as you get up? Don't be shy, you are at home here and everything is thought for your well-being in your delicious room with private spa located in Rhône Alpes!

How? You haven't made up your mind yet? Your next stay in a suite with private Jacuzzi in the Rhône-Alpes region awaits you in Vienna. Find our offers on the website of Nuit et Spa : you will know everything about our rooms with private jacuzzi in Rhône Alpes. Check our availabilities and choose one of our exceptional accommodations, ideally located on the banks of the Rhône, close to the city center, in Vienne.