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Love room with private Jacuzzi in St Etienne

31bis, rue Etienne Mimard, St Etienne


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Discover the Boudoir Spa suite for your unusual weekend with jacuzzi in St Etienne

Looking for a romantic getaway in the 42 for you and your partner? Looking for a weekend in St Etienne with a private Jacuzzi in the room? We've got everything you need for an unforgettable stay. Whether it's for a romantic getaway, a wedding proposal or an anniversary, our apartment is the perfect place to create unforgettable memories.

Welcome to your superb love room with private Jacuzzi in St Etienne: Le Boudoir Spa!

This 40m2 love room with private Jacuzzi is located in downtown Saint-Etienne, in the Loire department. It is decorated in a unique, sophisticated boudoir theme that perfectly combines masculine elegance and feminine softness.

Located in an old building of fine craftsmanship, we wanted to take advantage of the period features to revive and sublimate them.

We've created two different ambiences on the same theme to create a superb custom bedroom with private Jacuzzi.

The apartment has two distinct sections.

Discover our Boudoir Fumoir:

In your bedroom and lounge area, you'll be immersed in the atmosphere of an old English smoking room, perfect for brandy.

Subdued lighting, leather upholstery, wood panelling and a period fireplace. All revealing old coats-of-arms and coats-of-arms: an Instagrammable photo guaranteed! The lounge area of your room, with its private Jacuzzi, is the perfect place to imagine all kinds of scenarios for your charming stay in your love room with spa in St Etienne. 

Discover our Marie-Antoinette room:

Definitely more feminine, this alcove appears as an extension of your bedroom with private Jacuzzi, like a real painting. Revealed through huge wooden doors dating back to the building's origins, this charming suite with spa is an invitation to softness and lightness. With moldings on the ceiling and walls, all in a lightly powdered shade of old rose, you'll instantly want to luxuriate in your room with private Jacuzzi. The entire décor is of the highest quality, and we've sourced some beautiful pieces of period furniture for you, such as this superb bathroom cabinet with its marble basin. Marble also features prominently on the fireplace...

For total comfort during your romantic weekend with private Jacuzzi, the apartment is equipped with a real kitchen and dining area. Perfect for enjoying some sushi on delivery while the hot water in your bath runs...

In your bedroom area, the 180/200 king-size bed with its huge headboard and silky sheets will ensure a memorable night at the Boudoir Spa.

You'll also find WiFi access and a smart TV: ideal for a romantic movie night from your love room in St Etienne.

But what makes this apartment truly unique is the private Jacuzzi in the bedroom. This private in-room Jacuzzi is the perfect place to unwind after a long day sightseeing in the city, or simply to spend an unforgettable romantic evening.

Enjoy a moment of relaxation in an intimate and relaxing setting, away from prying eyes.

Book your romantic stay with private Jacuzzi in our boudoir apartment now. We look forward to welcoming you for an unforgettable romantic weekend in Saint-Étienne.

Love Room

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Anaïs, le 04/06/2024


Étoile de notation Étoile de notation Étoile de notation Étoile de notation Étoile de notation grise

Yoann Pascal, le 27/02/2024

Beautiful setting for a couple's evening, parentheses included. Some finishing touches to improve. A complimentary bottle of water would be appreciated.

Étoile de notation Étoile de notation Étoile de notation Étoile de notation Étoile de notation

Cynthia Kaddouri, le 22/10/2023

NOTHING TO SAY. I capitalized it because it's a great place. The apartment is magnificent, as is the interior decoration. Nothing has been left to chance, it's really what you'd call a luxury suite, unlike other places that call themselves "luxury suite" just because there's a whirlpool bath or jacuzzi. The crockery is top quality, as is the equipment, the bedding is exceptional, and you sleep really well... There's a large, good-quality TV with Netflix, Canal Plus ... In short, I recommend this place with my eyes closed, you'll have a great time. As for the bathtub, it's easy for two to get in and I even prefer it to a Jacuzzi, as it's just as relaxing and much more hygienic. The telephone service to answer your questions, problems, reservations... which is communicated on the site is great. I met an incredibly nice lady who answered all my questions, and I even had a little problem which she sorted out in two minutes - in short, nothing to complain about. The only little hitch is that it's a bit chilly in the room because it seems to me that it's a collective heating system, it's not adjustable.


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