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31bis, rue Etienne Mimard, St Etienne


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Welcome to Grèce Spa St Etienne, your ultimate destination for a romantic Jacuzzi getaway in the 42.

Treat yourself to the luxury of a room with private Jacuzzi, where you can relax and rejuvenate in an intimate and comfortable setting. Enjoy our unique accommodation, which harmoniously combines Greek charm with modern, luxurious amenities.

When planning a romantic getaway, finding an atypical location is paramount. That's why our room with private Jacuzzi is the perfect option for you. Located in St Etienne, our establishment offers you a true cocoon of love with spa where you can meet in total intimacy. Whether you've been a couple for years or are looking to celebrate a special occasion, our Jacuzzi room promises a memorable experience.

Inspired by the charms of Greece, our décor will transport you to another world. Soothing colors, classic motifs and authentic details create a romantic and enchanting atmosphere. Every element has been carefully chosen to create an atmosphere conducive to relaxation and tranquility.

The strong point of our room is, of course, the private jacuzzi. Imagine yourself immersed in warm, bubbling waters, surrounded by flickering candles, with the person you love by your side. Let the stress and worries of everyday life evaporate as you relax and savor this privileged moment. Whether it's for a moment of closeness, a romantic celebration, or just to pamper yourself, our in-room jacuzzi is a true delight for the senses.

Furthermore, we have also taken care to provide you with other quality amenities to make your stay even more enjoyable. A television is at your disposal for entertainment, whether you want to watch a movie with your loved one or simply relax with your favorite program. Free Wi-Fi access is also available, allowing you to stay connected if you wish. And for those who enjoy cooking, a fully equipped kitchen enables you to prepare meals and share special culinary moments together.

By booking a room with a private jacuzzi at Grèce Spa St Etienne, you are choosing to treat yourself to a romantic stay in the 42. Let us welcome you to our oasis of tranquility, where comfort, style, and well-being come together to create an unforgettable experience. Book now and get ready to experience magical moments in our jacuzzi room, where romance and relaxation take center stage.

Why choose Grèce Spa St Etienne for a romantic weekend in the 42? When seeking a unique and romantic experience in St Etienne, our private jacuzzi room is the perfect choice. Immerse yourself in a world of tranquility and romance by booking our themed room at Grèce Spa St Etienne.

Our establishment has been designed with meticulous attention to detail to create a romantic and memorable atmosphere. Every corner of our jacuzzi room has been carefully thought out to provide you with an enchanting getaway.

The private jacuzzi is undoubtedly the main attraction of our room. Picture yourself soaking in the warm and soothing waters, surrounded by a romantic and intimate ambiance. The massaging jets will allow you to completely relax and escape from daily stress. Whether celebrating a special occasion, rekindling the flame of your relationship, or simply treating yourselves to a moment of happiness together, our in-room jacuzzi is the ideal place to create unforgettable memories.

Additionally, we have included a custom sauna to enhance your well-being experience. The sauna is an excellent way to relax your muscles, eliminate toxins, and revitalize your mind. Enjoy a private sauna session in your own space, where you can rejuvenate together and experience a profound sense of well-being.

The location of our room with a private jacuzzi is also a major advantage.

St Etienne is filled with romantic activities and places to discover. Enjoy a hand-in-hand stroll through the cobblestone streets of the city center, explore peaceful gardens, or indulge in the delights of local cuisine at nearby restaurants. Whatever activity you choose, you can always return to your private room to enjoy moments of relaxation and intimacy.

By choosing Grèce Spa St Etienne for your romantic weekend, you are opting for an unforgettable experience where romance and relaxation take center stage.

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Sarah Chayne, le 23/11/2023

A real change of scenery! The sauna and balneotherapy are great for winter days, and when we got out it was hard to go back to the dreary weather I'd almost forgotten^^ The building is beautiful and well located, even if the surroundings aren't great. Special mention for the bougainvillea haha from afar you'd think you were there!


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  • Ambiance lumineuse et chaleureuse dans une love room avec piscine
    Douce lumière et reflets aquatiques dans cette love room spacieuse, promesse d'une soirée intime près du jacuzzi privatif.
  • Détente dans le sauna d'une love room éclairée
    Sauna en bois offrant une échappée zen avec vue sur la piscine intérieure, détail raffiné d'une love room avec jacuzzi privatif.

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  • Chambre thème cabaret avec lumière rougeoyante
    Plongez dans l'univers du cabaret avec cette Love Room au rouge passion et éclairage intimiste, pour une nuit de séduction.
  • Jacuzzi cabaret rouge et silhouette féminine
    Succombez au charme d'une soirée cabaret dans notre jacuzzi, éclairage rouge pour une ambiance sensuelle et mémorable.
  • Chambre cabaret avec rideaux et éclairage rouge
    Entre ombre et lumière, notre Love Room cabaret offre une nuit d'élégance avec ses rideaux ondoyants et son ambiance rouge feu.
  • Douche rouge avec silhouette sous l'eau
    Expérience sensorielle unique sous notre douche rougeoyante, pour un moment d'intimité rehaussé par un éclairage pourpre.

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  • Lit avec cœur de pétales dans ambiance rouge secret room
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  • Vue aérienne d'une love room avec jacuzzi sous lumière rouge
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  • Chambre classique avec boiseries et bain de pétales de roses, esprit Love Room
    Laissez-vous charmer par l'élégance classique et le romantisme d'une Love Room traditionnelle, agrémentée d'un bain de pétales pour une nuit inoubliable
  • Chambre raffinée avec vue sur bain à pétales, invitation à la détente romantique
    Échappez-vous dans une Love Room où le raffinement des boiseries se mêle à la douceur d'un bain à pétales, pour une expérience romantique sans pareille
  • Vue à travers un miroir d'un jacuzzi orné de pétales de roses, évoquant la romance
    Découvrez le reflet d'une soirée parfaite dans notre Love Room à Saint-Étienne, où le jacuzzi s'habille de pétales de roses pour une expérience inoubliable
  • Chambre élégante avec boiseries anciennes et vitraux, fusion de tradition et de modernité
    Dans notre Love Room victorienne à Saint-Étienne, l'histoire rencontre le confort moderne pour une escapade romantique.

Boudoir Spa, St Etienne

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