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Suite with private pool in Belleville le Mojo Pool

149 rue de la république, Belleville-sur-saône


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Book a Lodge with Private Pool for a Romantic Getaway near Lyon

If you're looking for a romantic getaway with your partner, a Lodge-style room with private pool could be just what you're looking for. Located in the Beaujolais region, our suite with pool in Belleville is the ideal option for a cozy romantic getaway just a stone's throw from Lyon. For a special occasion or a night as a couple in Belleville: Le Mojo Pool has a lot going for it!

! Heated pool available all year round !

Welcome to Le Mojo, our African-themed overnight rental with private pool. Designed as a true luxury lodge, this pool suite in Belleville will transport you to a warm, exotic world, where warm colors and tribal motifs will plunge you into an authentic atmosphere.

The suite is spacious and comfortable, and the private in-room pool offers a view of your entire luxury lodge.

Warm, natural colors, palm and banana trees and local handicrafts are the order of the day. Dark wood and rattan furniture add a rustic, authentic touch. You'll be able to relax in a king-size bed adorned with wax fabric cushions, while taking advantage of the room's top-of-the-range amenities, such as a real XXL sauna in your water space, custom-designed for optimum comfort, you'll be able to bask indoors before or after a dip in your private pool. You'll also find a private terrace in your suite with private pool in Belleville, fully equipped for sunbathing in complete privacy or enjoying a romantic aperitif...

Le Mojo Pool, your pool apartment in Belleville, also boasts a fully equipped kitchen, flat-screen TV, bathroom with walk-in shower and illuminated make-up area: specially designed to help you get ready for the happiest day of your life!

Indeed, the Mojo Pool is the ideal address for a romantic wedding or anniversary in Beaujolais, better than any hotel with a pool you'll find in the area!

Romanticism being our watchword, Nuit et Spa à Belleville doesn't do things by halves! In addition to your private sauna and in-room swimming pool, you'll also have private access to a massage area with a professional massage table. Whether it's just you or the hands of an expert, this is a great way to complete your romantic getaway with a private pool in Belleville.

In short, our African-themed room for rent by the night with private pool is a real invitation to travel and relax, ideal for couples looking to escape together...

Suite with private pool: choose your romantic getaway in Belleville
You've had enough of weekends: TV, housework and worries! Do you see your friends having a good time while you spend your Saturday working on files for the office?

Now is the time to think of yourself and treat yourself to a timeless evening by booking your next romantic getaway now!

That's why Nuit et Spa advises you to opt for a suite with private pool in Belleville.  There's no shortage of options when it comes to finding your dream rental, whether it's our suite with private pool in Belleville le Mojo, which we present here, or our room with private pool le Grèce Pool, also located in the Beaujolais region.

By booking a pool suite in Belleville, you can enjoy a romantic and intimate setting just for the two of you. Imagine yourself in your own oasis, with a private pool for swimming and relaxing in total privacy. Don't lie: we know that Madame often criticizes you for not being proactive enough, so now's the time to show her off!

So look no further and book your suite with private pool in Belleville for a stay with pool in the Beaujolais region.

Why choose Belleville en Beaujolais with in-room pool over Lyon for a romantic weekend?
If you're looking for a romantic weekend with an in-room swimming pool, Belleville en Beaujolais is the ideal destination. First of all, the town offers a calm, verdant natural setting, ideal for relaxation. You've already dined at Château de Pizay or in a beautiful Beaujolais stone building, but has your sweetheart ever heard of Nuit et Spa and our rooms with private pool?

With us, you can enjoy your own private pool in total privacy... Belleville en Beaujolais is just 35 minutes from Lyon by car, giving you the chance to visit the city while enjoying a more intimate and romantic setting for your stay.

If you're a local, this is the perfect opportunity to introduce your partner to a place that's virtually secret for the time being, making him or her feel like a real privileged person. Sleeping at Nuit et Spa for a romantic night in Belleville with a private pool in your room is a unique and unforgettable experience that you won't find anywhere else. No bed and breakfast with private pool or hotel with pool in the region offers the same level of service...

Why book a room with a private pool rather than a private Jacuzzi?

When you're looking to book a room for a romantic getaway, you might be tempted to choose a room with a private Jacuzzi. However, opting for a suite with a private pool in Belleville can be an even more pleasurable experience, because it's much more exceptional.

Indeed, a private pool obviously offers a much greater sense of luxury and exclusivity. What's more, a private pool is often installed in a larger, brighter setting, offering additional space for relaxation.

Imagine swimming in a private pool just for the two of you! A suite with private pool in Belleville is also more intimate than a private Jacuzzi, as it's totally secluded and guarantees total privacy. For a unique and out-of-the-ordinary romantic experience, booking a suite with private pool in Belleville is clearly the opportunity to experience a king's evening. We can guarantee you one thing: your only regret will be that you left too early...

So look no further and book your room with private pool in Belleville now for a romantic weekend you'll long remember.

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christophe Hugon, le 13/02/2024


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Yves Bronzini, le 10/01/2024

We had a great time. Everything was perfect .. hot water .. sauna .. nickel cleanliness ... Can't wait for next time ..

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Hélène Leclere, le 11/08/2023

Magnifique . The apartment is even more beautiful than on the photos it is exotic and rejuvenating

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Tony Vatry, le 19/06/2023

We had a great time in this beautiful apartment 🤩

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Jawed Bared, le 07/06/2023

Magnificent place, I highly recommend it to people who would hesitate to go there. Perfect for a romantic night. Incredible place and very clean!!!


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